Stage 1 -  december 31st 2013

Liaison : 355 km  - SS : 87 km - Liaison :  190 km - Total :  632 km

Stunning landscape for Morocco

In 2013, due to the delay caused by the customs, the motorcycles only managed to do a short part of the first stage, whereas cars and trucks didn’t even enter the first stage. So, we decided to put this stage in the 2014 edition, because it is truly beautiful. The first part of the track, on the way to Tendara, has very nice gravelly and sandy sections. Only problem is that there are a lot of them so navigation shall be extremely precise. The landscape is composed of steppes and a lot of camps.

The second part of the stage, to Bouarfa is stunning! The participants will leave the steppe on their way to the “Bassin du Tigri” where they will be unexpected vegetation in northeast of Morocco, composed with tall grass, bushes and green trees. It completes a beautiful scene and a fluid track.

The end of the stage takes place in the steppe close to Bouarfa. If all goes well, they should all arrive on time at the “bivouac” to celebrate New Years Eve.




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