Stage 10 -  january 10th 2014

Liaison : 6 km - SS 202 km - Liaison : 286 km - Total : 494 km


The last one !


As usual, we wanted this last stage to be interesting in sporting terms without affecting the ranking too much. Actually, out of nowhere, we found the perfect stage. After having started in the middle of the vegetation from the day before, and a little off track portion, the participants will arrive in the nicest dunes section ever crossed during the race, which was given to cross by José Maria SERVIA, the SONANGOL AFRICA ECO RACE® forerunner. More or less 20km of pure pleasure in the middle of the majestic golden dunes, but quite easy to cross and with various possibilities in terms of trajectory. No doubt it will be THE moment of the stage, the rest of the stage shouldn’t be too difficult for the participants and their machines already well proven. An effort was made concerning the liaison to Senegal, the last bivouac will be in St Louis.

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