Stage 8 - janvier 8th  2014

Liaison 84 km - SS : 337 kmTotal : 421 km


The most beautiful stage


When the board of directors of the SONANGOL AFRICA ECO RACE® asked us if it would be possible to have a loop stage in Mauritania this year again, in order for everyone to have a resting day, I have to admit I asked myself how to proceed to not be repetitive. The solution appeared during recognition, by finding new tracks in the extraordinary dunes fields. After a start which is representative of the stage, in other words sandy and rocky. The magnificent pass of Henouk will take the participants on a huge erg which will have to be crossed entirely off track. A nice navigating and driving session in the sand with, as key actor, the bypass of a mountain through the dunes including a stunning panorama. The “ Rocher Percé “ will be the 3rd wonder of the day before finding the pass of Azigui which is also one of my favorite places in Africa. Will be left another 15km of crossing before getting on a sandy track until the bivouac, participants will have the beautiful Mauritanian landscape leading as background.


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