Etape 9 - january 9th  2014

SS 289 km - Liaison 20 km - Total : 309 km


Still some sand programmed

The stage will partially start a piece of track from the previous day, which will be pleasant to start with before joining an Erg of about 15km. A nice and big sand pack which could create big gaps straight away in the morning. Once they’ll get out of this first difficulty, the participants will find nice plains with some small dunes and then a big track down south until CP N°2 where they’ll find refuel for bikes. The second half of the stage will mainly be sandy, with dunes and camel grass alternately. The last bit of the day will be very awesome because it’s a very small winding track through thick vegetation which seems endless. In other words, a green ocean which will take them straight to the arrival at Toulaila. Only 7 km will separate the arrival from the bivouac.

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